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Thursday, 05 May 2011 15:19

The regulations have been set out according to the decree by the minister of education, dated June 10th, 1991 regarding academic studies and stipends (Act Report. no. 58 sect. 249 as well as Act Report, 1998, no. 5 sect.26 ), which are to be applied in cases not stipulated by the regulations.

Conditions for admission to PhD studies.

  1. Persons fulfilling the following conditions may be candidates for admission to the PhD study program:
    1. they possess an MSc degree, in the area of science in which their studies and research were performed,
    2. they timely deposit the required documents: a copy of the MSc diploma, a personal questionnaire, required opinions (from their place of employment or academic supervisor), an application, 4 photos and CV
    3. they received a positive evaluation at the interview,
    4. they hand in a proposal for an academic supervisor and department in which they are to perform their research,
  2. The interview is to be performed by a commission being a subset of the Faculty Council, with the participation of the future academic supervisor.
  3. The Faculty of Biology, as the institution offering PhD studies may bring in additional requirements

Organization of the PhD study program

  1. General Rules:
    1. The PhD studies are a 4 year program, with a possibility of extension to 5 years in justified cases, but without the continuation of the Faculty stipend.
    2. The PhD studies encompass two directions of study: Biological Science and Biotechnology. urrent information regarding specializations and numbers of admissions will be set out at each admission period.
    3. PHD studies are individual full-time studies. The PhD candidate and his academic supervisor set out the study program (lectures, seminars, academic workshops), its evaluation as well as the topic, research plan and scope of the doctoral thesis.
    4. The PhD study is directed by a person appointed by the Rector of Warsaw University from among the Faculty staff who possess the Dr. hab. academic title.
    5. The PhD Study Council is directly responsible for the PhD studies.
  2. Rules governing the financing of PhD studies:
    1. The sources of funds for the study program are:
      1. a portion of the faculty assistants’ fund,
      2. a portion of the financial means of the Faculty’s statutory activity, the so-called BST,
      3. financial means acquired from the Committee of Scientific Research, in the form of Superisors’ grants and others,
      4. means facilitated by institutions directing students to the study program, for example PAN, government institutes, private industry,
      5. means acquired from other sources, under the condition that this is approved by University governors.
    2. The Dean of the Faculty of Biology sets out the amount of financial means meant for new stipends in a given year, and department directors announce the willingness and the need to accept new PhD candidates
    3. PhD study participants receive for a period of 48 months a stipend not exceeding the average assistant’s salary. This stipend is paid by the Faculty of Biology. During adjustments in the basic salaries of academic-didactic staff, the PhD stipends will also be adjusted..

Didactic activity during PhD studies

  1. The PhD is obligated to participate in faculty didactic activities, in the amount of 105 hours annually. In unusual situations, for example due to performing research abroad, the hours may be reduced. The type of didactic activity, and the time devoted to them, is to be determined by the department director with agreement from the academic supervisor.
  2. The PhD candidate is also obligated to:
    1. realize the determined study program, as well as the deposition of annual reports regarding the progress of scientific research,
    2. actively participate in the academic life of the Department, Institute and Faculty,
    3. participate in scientific seminars, sessions and conferences,
    4. prepare at least one academic seminar annually,
    5. to follow all declarations of the academic supervisor regarding the organization of their research, and to follow the general rules pertaining to working at the Faculty,
  3. The PhD candidate is obligated to complte their studies and defend their doctoral thesis within the given timeframe.
  4. An evaluation of progress and fulfillment of responsibilities by the PhD candidate is to be done following every year of study. A breech of the PhD candidate’s duties according to rules 12 and 13 of the MEN declaration, will cause the PhD candidate to be expelled from the list of PhD study participants.

PhD candidate rights ( generally outlined by rules 10 and 11 of the MEN declaration)

  1. The PhD candidate is entitled to a 6 week break in the program during the year. The break is to be declared each time to the Director of PhD studies, pending approval of the academic supervisor.
  2. The more significant rights of PhD candidates are:
    1. the right to use public health means based on the rules for employees. An unemployed spouse and children of the candidate are entitled to use public health care means based on the rules for employees’ families.
    2. the right to have the stipend increased by an amount equal to hazardous work conditions increases in force at the Faculty of Biology.
  3. The study period of the full time PhD study program, regardless of the date of completion, up to four years, counts as employment which is governed by labour laws as long as the doctoral thesis defence takes place within a year of completion of these studies, and if not countermanded by detailed rules.
  4. PhD candidates cannot be in possession of an employment contract.
  5. A longer academic leave of absence, with a suspension of stipend payment, can only be held pending approval by the Dean.
  6. Other longer breaks in studies can only be held in justified situations..

The academic supervisor’s responsibilities

  1. The academic supervisor ensures the:
    1. determination of the basic tenets of the doctoral research, the topic, by the end of the first year,
    2. assurance of correct working conditions in the laboratory,
    3. preparation of annual research plans for the PhD candidate (research plan, pointing out of lectures, seminars, individual study materials, exams, etc.),
  2. In cases of unfulfilled responsibilities by the PhD candidate the supervisor directs a statement to the Study Council through the Study Director. The statement is to be justified in detail.
  3. The supervisor should not be a staff member outside the Faculty of Biology.
  4. For the duration of a planned, longer absence, the supervisor is obligated to appoint a replacement..

PhD Study Director’s responsibilities

  1. 1. The director is in general charge of PhD candidates, and is responsible for the entirety of the organization of the studies according to rules in effect:
    1. cooperation with the University and Faculty governors, the Biology Faculty Council and the PhD Study Faculty Council Commission;
    2. annual report to the faculty Council;
    3. organizes PhD study admission;

PhD study financial affairs

  1. The financial affairs of the studies are the responsibility of the Dean of the faculty.