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Thursday, 05 May 2011 14:29

At the Faculty of Biology, we host individual doctoral studies under the auspices of all specializations extant at the Faculty represented b the institutes and individual departments:

Institute of Biochemistry

  • Department of Metabolic Regulation
  • Department of Molecular Biology
  • Department of Plant Biochemistry

Institute of Botany

  • Department of Molecular Plant Physiology
  • Department of Plant Ecology and Nature Protection
  • Department of Systematics and Plant Geography
  • Geobotanical Station in Białowieża

Institute of Experimental Plant Biology

  • Department of Plant Anatomy and Cytology
  • Department of Plant Bioenergetics
  • Department of Plant Molecular Biology
  • Department of Plant Molecular Ecophysiology

Institute of Genetics And Biotechnology

Institute of Microbiology

  • Department of Applied Microbiology
  • Department of Bacterial Genetics
  • Department of Microbial Ecology
  • Department of Virology

Institute of Zoology

  • Department of Animal Physiology
  • Department of Cytology
  • Department of Ecology
  • Department of Embryology
  • Department of Hydrobiology
  • Department of Immunology
  • Department of Paleobiology And Evolution
  • Department of Parasitology

Each academic year, the Dean, at the request of institute directors, sets out the number of stipends on the basis of such criteria as: didactic requirements of a given department, staff situation in the department, and the department’s development perspectives. These stipends are bequested by way of a competition, which is generally held in June. The stipend may be applied for by graduates of upper academies, with proof of graduation. The stipends may be given to PhD students whose supervisors are staff members of Warsaw University. The required documents (an application, personal questionnaire, university diploma, letter of reference from the candidate’s supervisor, or an examination card as well as a course grade average, information about work experience and 4 photographs) have to be deposited by June 30th, in the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Biology of Warsaw at 1 Miecznikowa St., 02-096 Warsaw, Poland. Interviews with candidates are usually held between th 1st and 15th of July. On the basis of the result of the interview, a decision to admit the candidate to the first year of PhD studies is made by the Archchancellor. PhD students begin their studies on October 1st of each academic year. Additional information is available at the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Biology of Warsaw at 1 Miecznikowa St., 02-096 Warsaw, Poland, whereas detailed information about the interview dates will be placed on the internet, at the Faculty website: - PhD STUDIES, as well as being sent to all interested parties, preferentially by email. The Director of PhD Studies at the Faculty of Biology is Prof. Dr. hab. Edward Siński (e-mail: , tel. ( 48 22) 55 41 113.

A little history.......
Individual doctoral studies at the Warsaw University Faculty of Biology have existed since of 1994. Since their inception, the studies have admitted 253 PhD students in total. In the competition for places in the 2008 2009 academic year, the Faculty has admitted 19 Phd students in the following departments: Animal Physiology, Immunology, Bacterial Genetics, Metabolic Regulation, Microbial Ecology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Plant Physiology, Plant Anatomy and Cytology, Systematics and Plant Geography, Virology and Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology.

Number of doctoral stipends at the Faculty of Biology in the years 1994-2009

Academic years Faculty stipends Others Total
1994-2005 170 14 184
2005-2006 20 - 20
2006-2007 12 2 14
2007-2008 15 1 16
2008-2009 15 4 19
Total 232 21 253