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Friday, 09 May 2008 15:17

If your goal is to study cutting-edge science, uncover Nature’s secrets by designing and performing sophisticated experiments using modern research techniques and equipment, and gain the upper hand in today’s competitive market place, then

study with us at the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw.

Biological Sciences are a vibrant, dynamic field of research fundamental to the development of modern Medicine, Agriculture, Biomaterials, Renewable Energy and many more areas of human activity crucial to the Mankind’s future.

With us you will learn how to put forward and test scientific hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, evaluate data critically, analyze and write scientific papers, and apply theoretical knowledge to solving practical problems – all this with careful tutoring but also ample opportunity for your own initiative. We offer hands-on experience in modern research and teaching laboratories, small study groups, leading scientists as mentors, eager and helpful teaching assistants, intellectually challenging atmosphere and plenty of fun.

The FoB has 140 faculty members, of which 60 are professors, and ca. 150 staff, and comprises institutes of Biochemistry, Botany, Experimental Biology and Biotechnology of Plants, Genetics and Biotechnology, Microbiology, and Zoology, the Botanical Garden funded in 1818, adjacent to the Łazienki (Royal Baths) Park in Warsaw, and four field stations in North-East Poland, including one in the Białowieża National Park, the only natural forest complex in Europe. The Faculty is housed in a modern dedicated building of over 18,000 sq. meters on the Ochota Campus, within walking distance from University Faculties of Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, and Physics, Warsaw Medical University, and five bio-medical research institutes. Two new buildings to which parts of the FoB will move from current locations are to be completed in near future. The Campus is conveniently located on Żwirki i Wigury Avenue, fifteen minutes by bus from the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, twenty minutes from the Botanical Garden, and thirty from the City and the main University Campus.

We offer three-year undergraduate (first level, BSc.) and two-year graduate (second level, MSc.) programs in Biology, Biotechnology, and Environmental Studies. Together with other Faculties of the University of Warsaw we jointly run interdisciplinary studies in Boinformatics and Systems Biology, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Environmental Management, and Environment Protection. Our four-year PhD. programs are based on individual research projects. We also offer numerous post-graduate programs. We have outstanding research and teaching laboratories, spacious lecture halls, a well-stocked library with on-line access to all major scientific journals, animal facility, greenhouses, and herbarium. Current enrollment is ca. 800 first and second level students and ca. 80 PhD. students. Twelve Students’ Science Clubs present their members with an opportunity to give seminars, discuss scientific papers, and carry our research. Our best students take part in the Erasmus foreign exchange program and spend one or two semesters at leading European universities. Our graduates work at all major universities and research institutes all over the world, in Polish and foreign medical and pharmaceutical companies, and in media.