Faculty students win silver medal in iGEM competition at MIT. Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)
Thursday, 10 December 2009 17:03

The annual iGEM (international Genetically Modified Machine) competition has been organized since 2004 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA. Its main aim is to propagate synthetic biology among students from around the world. Its leading idea is creation of so-called BioBricks – standardized genetic elements or cassettes that can be used to construct organisms of required characteristics.

Students from the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw took part in the iGEM competition for the second time. This year’s 14-strong team (list of members below), tutored by graduate students Michał Lower and Paweł Krawczyk and supervised by prof. Jacek Bielecki from the Institute of Microbiology and prof. Piotr Stępień from the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology, presented a project to create a genetically modified bacterium able to enter and kill cancer cells. The project reached finals of the competition and was awarded silver medal, leaving behind it a number of groups from other excellent universities.

druzyna_iGEM The team: Franek Fijałkowski, Sebastian Jeleń, Michał Kamiński, Kamil Koper, Marek Krzyżanowski, Justyna Lesiak, Monika Niepokójczycka, Anna Olchowik, Kamila Ornoch, Jarosław Pankowski, Jakub Piątkowski, Andrzej Prokop, Anna Saffray, Marcin Ziemniak.